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Suzanne is, in my opinion, one of the top people in the UK in her field and she is a graduate of our school I highly recommend her

Coaching supervisor and OSCM Tutor

Suzanne is a 'Stress Surgeon' who can deftly excise the most metastasized and malignant tumours of conflict, anxiety, frustration and tension from organisational and personal life.

General Manager - Red Bee Media

I have worked with Suzanne for a while now and I cannot recommend her more highly. Her work is very thorough and she offers creative, constructive advice in an impartial manner. She is great to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.

Sales and Marketing Director - Kingpin Intelligence

Suzanne has been my professional coach for the last 2 years. During this time she has facilitated a staff team building day and assisted in 360° degree feedback exercise, which culminated in the re-working of job and role descriptions within my organisation. In addition she has been my mentor and proof reader for my studies. At present she is helping us through a challenging period of change and growth.

Suzanne has always been prompt to respond to my calls and emails and has been a great asset to me as a professional ‘sounding block’, always clear in thinking and encouraging me to see my own professional ‘blind spots’.

As managing director, I have not had a mentor for many years until I worked with Suzanne. It is not an overstatement to say that, it has refreshed my leadership style and I am feeling the benefits of increased job satisfaction, increased team efficiency, morale performance & revenue.

Without question, I would recommend her.

Managing Director - MBNS Clinic

Sue was highly recommended to me by a colleague and I first met her about 18 months ago. I had always been perceived as a strong individual and high achiever but had over the previous couple of years found myself in a very difficult place; unable to cope, finding life was a constant endurance test and not really understanding why. To be honest I had low expectations on how Sue could potentially help me and almost resigned myself to continuing life feeling unhappy. Within a few sessions, Sue had made an enormous difference to me and has helped me make some critical changes to my life which I know will stay with me forever. Sue has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and create strategies for you to help yourself which have been fundamental in how I perceive myself and react to other people and situations. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough.

Managing Director – Marketing and Strategy in IT

Suzanne has provided me with business and personal coaching and support over a number of years and in a variety of circumstances. She is extremely adaptable and able to accommodate the changing needs of her clients seamlessly. Suzanne has a natural capability to unlock the potential that we each have to cope with the challenges of professional life in a fast moving business. As a mentor, Suzanne rapidly builds a very safe environment in which her clients feel confident to share their concerns. Within that safe environment, she is then able to plant seeds of confidence that grow between each session and genuinely deliver concrete value. I have always felt uplifted by the time spent with Suzanne because she helps me to realise my own potential. Where Suzanne has worked within our corporate health team, I know that I can extend my duty of care as a manager by recommending colleagues spend time with her. I have always received the strongest feedback about the help Suzanne provides.

Sales Executive/Project director – Sky BBT

Suzanne has supported Microsoft with a range of health related services and expertise for some years; most recently entailing ‘Life Coaching’ for employees. As the vendor manager of a range of Health and Well-being services, I appreciate the human value and ‘return on investment’ that Suzanne’s work has provided – both to individuals and the company. She has consistently focused on delivering a quality service with tangible outcomes for stakeholders. No easy task in today’s business environment!

Vendor Manager - Microsoft UK

Suzanne is an amazing person and invaluable asset to anyone who manages teams and to anybody who finds themselves in a tough situation that they can't rationalise on their own.

I worked with Suzanne on several situations - all highly confidential.

She has consistently helped me and the individuals involved make sense of tough situations and more importantly, has guided us to an outcome that wasn't initially apparent and ultimately benefitted all parties.

Suzanne is a true people person, has a wonderful style, can help an organisation drive business result and helps individuals find the right outcome for them in a variety of situation.

If you think Suzanne's skills and experience could help you or your organisation I'd urge you to engage with her.

Dynamics Partner Sales Manager - Microsoft

Suzanne has a delightfully open style - easy to approach and easy to work with. I know that Suzanne was both discrete and diligent in her engagements, yet she was still able to help me as a senior manager, to see trends in people where I may be able to help or adjust my own behaviours to help them do their best work.

General Manager EMEA - Microsoft

Suzanne has a great ability to take you on a journey not to where you think you want to get to, but to where you needed to be!! I would certainly utilise Suzanne’s ability in both One to One mentoring and team activities.

Customer Partner Education Lead - Microsoft

Suzanne helped me re-focus my talents and time, at home and work, to great effect. Through her I was able to align my work-life demands, find more time for personal development and creative pursuits and do more with what I already had. I can endorse Suzanne - more companies should be offering her services during these difficult times.

Developer - Cisco

Sue has worked with leaders at BAE Systems Brough, as part of a large scale redundancy and change programme.  We are partly through the scheduled programme, but initial feedback from participants has been excellent and we are seeing the benefits of a more motivated and engaged leadership team.  Sue has facilitated a number of difficult and testing sessions with diverse groups, including the trade union and senior site management team and the outcomes have been consistently positive.  While it remains a difficult working environment, Sue’s work has helped to relieve tension across the business, allowing managers to come to terms with the situation and take personal ownership. 

Head of HR – Military Air and Information at BAE Systems

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