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1:1 specialist coaching/couples life skills & personal coaching

Suzanne is a member of Resolution the National Family Lawyers Group and is a trusted coach for a number of solicitors.

This unique approach is to utilize the skills of coaching whilst providing strength and clarity to clients entering a phase of uncertainty and change.

The coaching supports the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the client, which enables the legal team to optimise their skills and expertise.

The aim here is to focus on finding solutions to reduce the human and financial cost of family breakdown and whilst using the principles and Resolutions code of conduct, it offers an alternative model and approach to that of the Family consultants and counsellors.

1: 1 Life Skills and Personal coaching

"Health, happiness & success in life has much less to do with what we earn or consume - and much more to do with our internal attitudes, our relationships with others, our contribution to society and our ability to enable others to grow and thrive"

Many people just need some unbiased professional support to move forward in their lives. Whilst navigating through difficult times, personal coaching has a valuable contribution to make.

It is also beneficial for high performing individuals who are keen to develop their strengths and to keep growing in a healthy, balanced way, to be the best they can.


Suzanne has created a startling change in my clients; they become focussed, calm, and decisive and suddenly stop spending their money on me as their counsellor - as a family Solicitor- Advocate, I know the traumatic effect of family breakdown, and I wholeheartedly endorse Suzanne's work"

- Head of Family Law - Hedges solicitors

My biggest regret is not having been to see Suzanne earlier in my divorce proceedings.  I believe that her help would have saved me money, because I would have relied less on my solicitors for emotional support at a particularly tough and unpleasant time, and my instructions to my solicitors would have been clearer and more consistent.  Perhaps more importantly, I would have coped better and been a stronger person had I used her support at the height of the acrimony and litigation.

I can't thank Suzanne enough, and would recommend anyone going through a separation or divorce to see her at least once as part of their divorce process.

When things become unpleasant or highly emotional, it is difficult to trust your own decisions; help is often needed in clarifying what the best interests might be for all involved.  Suzanne provided strength and strategy and I now feel much more confident moving forward in my life."

- Divorce Client A

You know, when I look back it’s hard to believe how much I needed help. I guess I was in that stressed/depressed state of mind and didn’t fully understand what had happened to me.

Luckily, I at least recognized that I was bumping along the bottom without purpose or direction.

If I’m honest, I was more than a tad sceptical when I arrived for our first meeting as I didn’t think you would be able to help me. I had already (in my mind) wasted my time and money talking to other so called ‘experts’ and, I couldn’t see how talking to you could possibly make any difference.

As our meetings progressed, I began to feel your subtle mix of encouragement and gentle subliminal guidance was beginning to help me. Although, I have to confess, during our earlier meetings I couldn’t fully understand or explain how you were helping me, you just were.

My wakeup/breakthrough came following months of frustration. It was about an hour after one of our sessions. As usual, I was giving thought to our discussions when I suddenly made a crucial connection, and that triggered the breakthrough which had eluded me for the past 3 years. Since that ‘eureka’ moment, I have been able to emerge from what I can only describe  as being a very confused state of mind... I may not be firing on all cylinders at the moment, but I feel so much better and my head is slowly clearing. 

Looking back, I didn’t realise I was overly stressed/depressed, or suffering burn out, because it didn’t present in an obvious way – it just slowly crept up on me like the insidious illness it is and took hold of my life when I was at my most vulnerable.

I wish I had known of you sooner - If I had, I believe my ‘recovery’ would have been significantly quicker..."

 - Divorce Client B

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